October 31, 2007



This is something I did for my head painting class way back when I was studying at Art Center in Pasadena. I remember this one fondly because after several completely disastrous paintings, I finally started to understand how to control color and value.


sophan said...

AWESOME! I wish i was half this talented when i was at art center, well even right now would be good =)

martin wittig said...


Anonymous said...

The facial expression is captured real well.
As always, thrilling.
Happy Halloween to you and everyone...

Ben Mauro said...

including the fact that this is like 5x4 feet big makes it that much cooler.

Billie Crain said...

Nathan, your grasp of light and shadow is extremely impressive to me! all your work has such passion and drama. those are two things i aspire to myself.

Billie Crain said...

i forgot to mention. when i was shown your blog by Robin Neudorfer i added your link to my list. hope you don't mind.

Timmy H said...

Amazing, great stuff as always! I really like your work, I usually check out your blog to see you landscape paintings which I greatly admire. This portrait is really impressive. Aside from all the other challenges in portrait work I find capturing the expression and gesture the most difficult, you've really nailed it here. I also admire your control of tone; some of your work reminds me of Sargent and Zorn. Thanks for the inspiration.

marcobucci said...

just great. This head would NOT be easy to draw.

Ramses said...

Fantastic paint!

Mauricio said...

Hi Nathan, I never got to thank you for the sketching class I took with you at LAAFA, it was great! I learned a lot and it's been helping me a lot in my current projects. I wanted to ask you where did you get your smallest painting set up (the one that fits inside the camera case), I'd like something that compact for a special project.
Thanks again for your eye-opening method and thoughts.

Wildah said...

I love it! Greetings from a fan.

Anonymous said...

Unforgettable Art Center man.

K said...

Incredible! Looking at your art makes me feel like I'm floating in space. I am truly in-awed and inspired!

K said...
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steve chon said...

ahh, i remember this painting. good old days of associates when i could walk by this everday and salivate. brings back a lot of memories.

chambrun said...

Is Norman Rockwell a master for you? This boy is very similar to one of his models... Your work is always fascinating me!

Baklazhan said...

How long ago was this? It seems as though you were always this good. Great work! I hope to study with you one day.

libra bear said...

And understand you did, this is incredible

libra bear said...

Sorry, This was the first picture I saw then I commented, Just looked at the rest of your blog....I'm speechless

kory said...

Hey ex-cubemate!

I remember this one. We talked about it one at Art Center.
Ah, the memories.

Fantastic work as always.

Louis J Mirecki said...

Come on man, tell the whole story! This work is about 4 feet tall by 2.75 feet wide and is as impressive in person as you could hope for. Its almost sculptural. It was a constant source of inspiration at LAAFA, walking past it and muttering "someday..."

Sergi Cardó said...

Awesome, I hope some day I could join some masterclass with you!


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