June 28, 2015

Oil Demo!

Few things make you feel better or worse than oil paint:)

June 23, 2015

James Gurney's Gouache in the Wild

James Gurney has come out with an excellent new outdoor painting tutorial. The two things I liked most about it is that it takes the mystery and frustration out of the practical setup, and it builds a real enthusiasm to get out there and paint! More info and where to buy here.

June 21, 2015

Sketch Exploration!

I like to take quick sketchbook studies into photoshop and see what happens...

June 06, 2015

Summer Reading

Some summer reading for you: The 3 Body Problem by Cixin Liu.
(Cover artwork pictured here, not my work.)
If you love SF in the Arthur C. Clarke tradition then this book with its Chinese perspective will top your summer reading list. It's shocking and awesome!