December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!


These are paintings I did for the DreamWorks Christmas special "Shrek the Halls". If you're new to my blog you can see more from this show by clicking here and scrolling down.

December 16, 2010

Upcoming January Classes

I'm offering two fun filled classes starting in January (see the sidebar for dates and times, To enroll contact, phone (877) MY-LAAFA ). Here are the course descriptions:

Colorful Life Painting in Watercolor and Gouache
Sketching from life is one of the great pleasures for the working artist. This course will provide students with the experience and understanding to work from the costume model quickly with pleasing results. Each session will include a slideshow lecture or demonstration that will guide students step by step through the drawing and painting process. Student painting sessions will be short and long poses from live models emphasizing theatrical color and lighting. Also included will be a study of the head, figure, drapery, and costume. Gouache or watercolor with white gouache is recommended though students are welcome to use acrylics or other water media.

Head and Portrait Drawing in Charcoal

This course will provide each student with the necessary understanding and experience to draw the human head with authority. Each session will consist of a lecture or demonstration that will guide students step by step through the process of drawing from a live model. The traditional elements of life drawing will be emphasized including the structure of the head, the values of light and shadow, edges, portrait composition and drawing techniques. The course will also include exercises and assignments aimed to help students greatly hone their portrait drawing skills.

December 03, 2010