December 29, 2018

It Began Here

My first paintings for DreamWorks and the animated feature The Prince of Egypt were actually quick landscape sketches in Death Valley California. Me and the team hopped on a tour bus and were shuttled out to the desert for several days. I returned to Death Valley to sketch several times thereafter.

Here's the team and some of those sketches:

December 16, 2018

Painting Columns for The Prince of Egypt, 1996

Some images from The Prince of Egypt this week focusing on painted columns.

The Backgrounds were painted in sections so they cold be reused in other scenes. The columns were difficult to paint and they seemed never ending; if we'd had photoshop back then they would have taken a fraction of the time. But I am glad to have learned the discipline with acrylics, I liked the "all or none" nature of the medium. You had to nail it on the first pass (though you could touch up with some glazing). Each column was masked off with tape and painted wet on wet with no air brushing.

Final frame from the film.

Painted background columns.

Color key painting:

A few more scenes from the movie that use these columns:

And here I and painting, you guessed it, columns!