April 25, 2014

Disney Color Script Wall

A section of my color script has been featured wall size at Disney. This is the pirate song sequence from The Pirate Fairy.

April 21, 2014

Disney Color Script

This board is a selection of my paintings for Disney's The Pirate Fairy. The movie was co-color scripted by Fred Warter and myself. We broke up the project into sequences and ended up doing some 400 paintings each. The goal was to create a real sense of color, light and magic, I hope you like the work, I sure had a great time doing it. More to come.

April 14, 2014

RIO 2!

Rio 2 has now hit theaters. I did inspirational concept art for the show including color, lighting and location design. I hope you like it!

April 08, 2014

Thanks Toronto!

 We had a great time at Schoolism live Toronto this year, hope to visit your city sometime soon.

From left to right: Kei Acedera, Marcelo Vignali, Bobby Chiu, Paul Lasaine and Nathan Fowkes. Photos by Keith Acedera.