February 07, 2008

Clark Allen 1925-2008


Clark Allen passed away last week. He was a delightful man and a favorite subject for local artists, especially me. I started drawing and painting Clark in '92 when I first moved to LA and have been working with him off and on ever since. I have stacks of drawings and paintings of him that I will scan and post here from time to time.

He lived a more colorful life than many of us can hope for, (I thought his stories were tall tales until I visited his home and we looked through his old photo albums) and it was my pleasure to get to know him. He will be missed.


Rose said...

Beautiful Clark.
Great art.


thinking back he
was such a kind gentleman.
he will definitely be

Scott Daly said...

Nathan great work. I came across your watercolor study site awhile back and those are just simply amazing. Anyways I was wondering if you had any suggestions on improving color. Exercises besides color studies, what you look for, or whatever. Thanks and keep it up.

Angela said...

Nathan, I was very moved by your beautiful drawings of my father, Clark Allen. It was quite a shock to come across them, especially at this sad time. It is a great comfort to me to see such wonderful drawings that so perfectly reflect his unique character and spirit. I would love to see more and discuss possibly purchasing some drawings and or paintings, is this possible?

sophan said...

he's such a great guy and a great story teller!
Rest in peace, buddy.

Manu Martin said...

amazing free hand sketch ... a total inspiration.

silvina said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Clark passed away. What a loss. He was one of the first models I ever worked from. I've kept that portrait study on my studio wall for a year. His beautiful white hair always catches my eye. I'll be checking back to see more Clark portraits. Thanks for posting them, Nathan.

G1toons said...

i use to draw him while at school, yes he had some great stories

Debra said...

How sad to hear about Clark! I always enjoyed it when you had him in to model at LAAFA.

Roger Adams said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your friend's passing. My condolences.

fedemilella said...

My thoughts to his family and friends :) Great art.

marcobucci said...

You certainly have documented him well. My sympathies to his family.

flaptraps said...

thanks for the compliment Nathan!
your work is super inspiring, i'm blown away by your brush work and strokes man. really fun to look at, excited to see more!

Nathan Fowkes said...

Thanks for your comments guys.

Scott, I'd say that every time you come across an image that has inspiring color, take the time to figure out why and then do a thumbnail copy of it. If you do this on a daily basis, a good color sense will become second nature to you.

Angela, I'm very happy to hear from you and very saddened by your loss. When Clark was no longer driving, I'd stop by the house to pick him up on our way to class. I never minded the long commute on those days. I'd be pleased to give you one of the drawings that came out of those sessions. You can contact me through the school at 877 my-laafa. I'll instruct them to pass along my info to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

stranded said...

Beautiful portrait!! Amazing technique as always!! How can you make it look so spontaneous?! Sorry about the loss...

artpart said...

It would be so neat if you would post a charcoal portrait of you and Becky Fowkes.
What a thrill..

Patrick Ballesteros said...

I must say, he was one of the best models at holding a pose even at his age, I'm fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him at least once. Its a shame, but you capture his spirit and strength beautifully in your portraits Nathan.

Richard Smitheman said...


Yaxin said...

beautifull,it really looks like a good old charcoal drawing...

Pol said...

Hi ! your work is really beautiful ! I wish i can do that one day ! your paintings and drawings are amazing ! bravo !

David randall-goddard said...

Nathan, thank you so much for your wonderful tribute to my father. He was indeed a remarkable man, whose tall tales were all true.

If you are ever in London and would like to exchange more tales, of which there are many, check out his own excellent paintings from the 50s, and photos of some of his great moments, please do drop by.

He is greatly missed by us all, especially his grandsons who share his love of art and tall tales.

Thanks again

David Clark Allen

CárcamO said...

Seu trabalho é uma maravilha.


Angela said...

Nathan, Thank you for your reply and kind offer - it would be a great great pleasure. I'm having trouble getting through on the number though - dialling from London I can't get any connection at all. Is 877 the LA area code?

sho katayama said...

i do miss him, too. as one of the bunch who have painted his portrait before. Thanks, Clark!

Nathan Fowkes said...

Angela, the 877 number is a toll free one. The local number is 818 793-5063. Their website is www.laafa.org I look forward to hearing from you.

David, Great to hear from you as well. You have my condolences. Call anytime.

Hao Wu said...

i v had him in one of my class in artcenter too. He will be indeed remembered through his incredible journeys, colorful life and your beautiful work.

Kesara said...

I knew the first time I saw Clark that he was very special. He seemed to eminate a certain light from within. I am sure he looks upon us all now inspiring greatness in our creativity. Much Blessings to you Clark

Anonymous said...

Amazing style!

Louis J Mirecki said...

Ahh well... The journey is sweetened by its brevity. My time with Clarke was altogether too short but thanks to your classes, Nathan, I have many sketches of him to remind me of his gentle warmth and quick smile. And also his stamina, this man rarely took a break on the podium and seemed to always be ready for more. WHat a gift he was to us. I thank you Clarke for some truly wonderful times in the class room, you are missed.


Anonymous said...

I modeled with Clark back in the late 90's, and frequently visited with him at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. I've not lived in LA for 7 years - just thought of Clark today, so googled him, and came upon your site. I'm so sad to hear that he is gone, but glad to have found out through this lovely tribute to him. Thank you!
Molly Maslin Arbogast

Paul said...

I'll never forget listening to his guitar music, taking lessons at his home in Silver Lake, admiring and owning his art work and the hours spent praying he would survive a shooting at his nightclub. RIP buddy, you deserve the rest.

tablet pc windows said...

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Concept Design Academy said...

I still remember all the amazing costumes and armors Clark brings with him when he models for the long pose classes.

Such a great guy and great model. Even til now, it is still really hard to find a costume model that can recreate the unique atmosphere & inspiration Clark brings to the class.

Thanks for everything Clark and you are greatly missed by everyone who got a chance to meet you.

Christian said...

He was a close family friend. My step-father Raymond Bowman presented him in concert many times and both my father and mother were fixtures at the "El Cid" night club they owned through the 60s and 70s. I remember him when I was a kid. He was a strikingly handsome man with powder blue eyes and a square jaw, but was kind and gentle. He could play flamenco guitar with the best gitanos in the business.

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