December 19, 2008


Happy Holidays!

This is the ogre Santa arriving in the Shrek household on Christmas Eve; an early concept piece painted for Shrek the Halls in photoshop.
Copyright DreamWorks Animation.


m3ng said...

I love the concept! Great lighting, too... Love the ogre tree being all!

Rose said...

I love the little details in this piece. I also love the magic effect of the colors. Happy Holidays, Nathan and everyone.

Double "D" said...

Nathan, I really like the sinister look
and feeling that you've captured here.
Great rendering.

Santa's coming and He's looking for you.

Joan M. Mas said...

Awesome artwork, as usual.
I have a scheduled post about your two blog projects to appear on Acuarela.
Best wishes for these holidays!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it, but damn I want your skills! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely art with us, it inspires us lesser mortals to work harder to achieve what you have :) By the way, Shrek the Halls is coming on tv this wednesday in Australia, I'll be keeping an eye for this scene!

Rem Y said...

This is great, i love your work.
I am a young french artist and you are one of my favorite artist. So if you want to see my work,
I will be honored ^^

Andy Park said...

Hey Nathan- Awesome painting! I love the mood and feeling of it. Everything feels so cold in that room. And there are so many interesting things to look at throughout the room. Awesome job! You really should publish a book.

Alexander Jay said...

This is a really cool piece; very magical and atmospheric.

Sharon said...

This piece's features are painted well.

Dan Long said...

That's awesome stuff! I wish I had the discipline to be that great of an artist!

Ashley JungHee Koo said...

Thank you so much Nathan!
I saw your blog a lot before.
However, I haven't noticed that
I met you, Nathan Fowkes! at
I appreciate your comment and
I love your abstract Landscapepaing
with the traditional medium..Also
It was nice to meet you at DreanWorks

Wiele said...

I wish you just thrilling holidays like this picture.

Richard Smitheman said...

A Happy Christmas to you Nathan.

Patrick said...

Happy Holidays Nathan ,I hope you had a Merry Blue Christmas.

Matias Hyde said...

Happy Holidays to you too!
What awesome work you have, the watercolours are just brutal.
Cheers from Madrid!

Jason Scheier said...

beautiful color and lighting

Flirt said...

so incredible

Learn to love mistakes

Anonymous said...

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Eden said...

Such lovely work with different tones of blue and light.