June 17, 2009

Color Workshop this Saturday


This Saturday, June 20th, I'll be giving an all day workshop on color theory for subjects of all kinds including landscape, figurative and entertainment arts. Here's what we'll cover:
  • The fundamentals of color theory for painters (traditional and digital).
  • The emotional impact of various color combinations to create mood and environment.
  • Principles for organizing the complexities of color into pleasing harmonies.
  • Color exploration exercises.
  • Painting from a costumed model in a colored light environment.
To enroll contact the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art at 877-695-2232. Their site is www.laafa.org.


  1. I want to go! Too bad, it's on the other side of the planet.

  2. very cool Nathan. I'd love to attend one of your workshops sometime. Thanks for posting~

  3. Charlotte1:43 AM

    You are a master of colour, it would be an honour to learn from you, alas I live halfway across the world! :( Quick question, these concepts you're teaching- did you learn them yourself from an art school, or have you always been naturally good at applying colour effectively? It's just that from the paintings on this blog, it seems so innate.

  4. I'm blown away by every piece of yours ( tries to gather all of them together and stitch em together) lol!

    This is amazing....I love the scale of your work...phew!

    Keep rolling!
    Its very refreshing to the eyes to see your work!

    Keep well!

  5. Ohhhh Daaammm..amazing stuuff... your color combination is too good...force in strokes..good one...keep us inspiring..


  6. OK dude!!! WOW!!! people can go there hole live with out seeing something this good. simply beautiful!!! your artwork is top of the line awesome...