December 26, 2009


This is a project I did back when I was at Art Center College of Design in the early nineties. After foundational courses in drawing and painting I wanted to focus on entertainment design with an eye toward science fiction. So for my 6th term elective I chose to illustrate "Project Daedalus", a scientifically possible mission to a nearby star as proposed by the British Interplanetary Society. This was before photoshop, maya or terragen. My efforts were more than modest and primitve compared to the extraordinary work being done now but I enjoyed doing it. Here are the bits and pieces of it that I still have.

Presentation at Art Center College of Design:

The design pages were made in adobe illustrator and the illustrations are in gouache and marker.


Sergey Konkov said...

great work.

Dylan said...

thank you for posting this, these are so inspiring. cool to see something so different from you.

Jason Scheier said...

wow, these are amazing! thanks for sharing them nathan!!

jonnydark said...

Whoa! Cool stuff! I freaking love the gauche paintings.

I love science fiction concept art so i slip it into everything i can at Sheridan.

Cory Lewis said...

I frigin love that u post stuff like this. this is without a doubt my favorite blog!!!!!! thanks Nathan it's awesome.

andrew domo said...

wow Nathan, what a treat to share all of these. Thanks so much!

Ang said...

i love it!!!! Thanks for sharing these images!

Ben Mauro said...

Thats great Nathan! i will take this over photoshop/maya/terragen anyday. :)

Erik D. Martin said...

these are really awesome nathan!

Rose said...

This is very impressive.

Stephen James. said...

Alright Nathan!

Next stop the Alpha Centauri system!!!

Christian Alzmann said...

Very Cool!!

jason hazelroth said...

dude, those are so syd mead it hurts! Amazing work

roy santua said...

These excels among the others. Amazing pieces, completely inspiring!

Marcos Mateu said...

Very nice and very credible Nathan, thanks for posting these!

Jeremy Canton said...

Holy cow thats an amazing body of work. Talk about taking initiative :)

Perla Riesco said...

you are crazy!! jajaj es buenisimo!!!!

John W. McInnis said...

These are really cool! - man you can
paint sci-fi like berkey.

I start ACCD at night in a couple weeks for Ent.Design.

Eddie O. Rodriguez said...

Your work is awesome, I really enjoy your form and edges. Nice charcoal drawings.

Jennifer McChristian said...

Mind blowing stuff as usual!
Thanks for posting these :)

Anonymous said...

No fair! You've been amazing for decades!

Nick said...

Damn, I was hoping your work from back when you were a student would suck, but you were a god even back then!
I really hope to take one of your classes one day.

qraal said...

Excellent Work! You'd be pleased to know that the original "Project Daedalus" is getting an upgrade by the British Interplanetary Society in conjunction with the Tau Zero Foundation...

...they might be keen to look at your efforts. 3-D and computer animation is being done by Adrian Mann, who has an awesome set of "Daedalus" pictures online...

...check it out!

David A. Hardy said...

Very interesting work, Nathan -- nice stuff. Back in the 80s I painted one of the most-published images of Daedalus, as used by the BIS etc.! Have you thought of joining the IAAA (

Richard said...

Beautiful art Nathan.

You may be interested to know that Project Daedalus is being re-examined today - please take a look at We have just begun work and are expecting a five year study with over 35,000 hours of R&D. I've been looking around for your email but can't seem to find it anywhere. Feel free to contact us. Perhaps you'd be interested in contributing some concept art?


Anonymous said...

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Wayne Haag said...

If I can find it, I'll scan it and pass it on, but there was an article about this in a magazine call Space Voyager, a UK publication of the early 90's. I'm sure it was your work! Anyway, awesome work all the same!

Sue said...

What words can I use to describe my impression of your work...all of your work? How about a simple "WOW!"

Anonymous said...

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