November 29, 2010

James Gurney's New Book

As long as I'm pitching books I'd like to make a recommendation for you:

James Gurney's new book is out: "Color and Light, A guide for the Realist Painter". James gave me the opportunity review a first draft of the book and generously invited comments and criticism, but my comments are all positive. I'm taking time out from my regular posts to pitch the book to you because for years students have asked me if there's a good book on color and light out there and my answer has always been no. There are some great chapters here and great articles there but not a single comprehensive volume that I was comfortable recommending. But now James has taken his impressive knowledge and experience and given us exactly the book we've been looking for. I can't recommend it enough.


tiffannysketchbook said...

cool, i'm getting it!

Sophie said...

Mine is ordered, just waiting now.....Looking forward to it!

Rose said...

Looks good.

Diana Roberts said...

Ordered & looking forward to it!

Sam Gilmore said...

Loved his first book...looking forward to this one! James Gurney rocks (as does Nathan Fowkes) ;)

Carlos Ranna said...

I´m waiting mine. But it goes a long way till it gets to Brazil... Sight...

Ang said...

I am so getting this book! Thanks for the recommendation. It is always so inspiring to have you speak in class. Thank you for the lecture + demo!

Tayete said...

Preordered it several months ago. I liked the first one, but something tells me this is going to be great.

Richard Smitheman said...

No better recommendation. Have to get it now!

gelareh elena said...

Nathan what size brushes do you recommend buying? it is not listed in your material page. Thank you

chromasketch said...

james gurney should give you some advertising dividends.. haha

i bought it as well.

Moonito said...

hahaha very weird i order the previus book and this
before you post XD

Philippe Gaulier said...

Didn't know what to ask for Christmas: problem solved :)

Maung Lwin said...

This is a great book for me.

betty said...

Great recommendation. It is the best survey on light and color I've seen. And I've taken college courses in physics on light. Thanks for the great find.

site said...

Of course, the writer is completely fair.

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