March 15, 2012

Sketching From Life! 10 week course begins April 2

My 10 week sketching from life course is coming soon! It will be held each Monday night from 7 to 10 pm starting on April 2.
For this class we'll study the head, figure, drapery, costume,
animals and still life as well as a weekend field trip to study landscape painting. Charcoal, watercolor and gouache will be demonstrated though students will be welcome to use the medium of their choice. Join us!
To enroll call (877) MY-LAAFA (695-2232), their website is


  1. yessss!!! I'll be seeing you in class Nathan! What an honor. Do we bring full materials on list for the first day of class?

  2. Thanks Studio ATF!

    And Chris, glad you're joining us. Charcoal pencils for the first week, see you there.

  3. Great information.

  4. Great information.

  5. Really wish I could make it out to CA for the class. Do you ever provide video instruction?

  6. What I would give to take this class! I'm in North Carolina. Oh well.

  7. April 3, 2012

    Hi Nathan.

    Great first session of class. I love the fact that you've taught this course for about 10 years. I've taken a couple of duds in the past by respected artists who are geniuses at their craft but can't articulate or break down their process in a class setting. I'm only taking/focusing on your course this term so that I can get the most out of the homework assignments.

    I see that we're sticking to charcoals next session. Really cool! After taking so many figure drawing classes it's a bit difficult wiping the slate clean of previous habits. I'm also super excited to begin watercoloring. I've always liked the medium but can't seem to find pros who can teach it like you do.

    I jetted over to Art Center today (Tuesday) and bought a stock-pile of that sketchbook you recommended. They now sell them exclusively with earth-tone covers. I had to customize it by taking apart one and transferring the pages onto another.

    Anyway, see you next Monday!