September 18, 2012

Road to El Dorado

This is a background painting I did for The Road to El Dorado back in the day. I've added some close-ups below.


  1. Hi Nathan! I was looking at this painting and I got wondering if there is a difference between how you would paint this as a background for animation and how you would handle the same scene as just a landscape for yourself. Obviously the color is designed for mood in animation moreso than if you were painting from nature, but is the _focus_ different? To make sure your background painting stays IN the background, would you leave out touches (highlights or details) that you would otherwise add? Leave it slightly "unfinished," I guess, to your eye? Thanks as always for sharing your work.

  2. Anonymous4:21 PM

    i'm curious too about this painting and your personal landscape paintings. Do you approach them with a different intention in mind?

  3. I like your work! You inspire me.Thanks for sharing!

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