October 15, 2012

Watercolor/Gouache Workshop This Saturday

Here's a reminder that my "Painting in watercolor and gouache" workshop is this coming this Saturday, October 20, 12-8pm. To enroll contact LAAFA.
This painting is watercolor with a few touches of gouache on Arches watercolor paper, 15"x20".


  1. I'd love to make this but it's not going to happen. I'm sorry about it too because I really want to paint with you one day. Some other time I guess...

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  3. mad skills...

    Man I would just love to be able to attend a workshop with you!

  4. Hi Nathan,

    I purchased and watched your charcoal portrait demo recently. It is fantastic...thank you so much for putting it out there, especially for those of us that are far away and can't get to your workshops/classes. Do you have any plans to possibly do a video demo of your watercolor/gouache process?
    Would be great to see. Thanks again!