November 14, 2012

A little help from the blogosphere please...

Hi all,
I'm getting ready to record demonstrations for a portrait drawing online class I'll be putting out early next year.

Any suggestions on what kind of personal video camera will give me nice, clean recordings?

I hear that a simple HD flip can do a good job under good lighting conditions and that's an affordable option but I'm very open to suggestions



  1. I just got the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 from costco for 70 bucks. ( and theyre return policy is the greatest.)
    I dont know if this is the type you are lookin for but Ive liked the vid qual for the price.

    heres a demo

    keep on doin what you do sir and best o luck!

  2. In my limited experience - good lighting is going to make the most difference. There are some affordable LED panel lights out now that are super light weight, don't blast out heat, and have good battery life. Might be worth looking into? I had a lot of problems with a yellow cast on this little book flip vid. (I had to tweak color in premier).

    The LED's would have given me on-camera natural light.

    Camera wise, this is using a gopro HD hero. I'm experimenting now with still camera and an Intervelometer to do it as timelapse instead of raw video. (for a sustained painting, the timelapse 'progresses faster' and is a nice way to show 'steps' rather than gradual continual progress where it's hard to see what is changing moment to moment.

  3. I got the Olympus OMD EM5- It's a great camera and makes equally wonderful videos. The only draw back is that it has a max 30 min recording length:

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  5. Sorry , offtopic question. Is this at schoolism or LAAFA?

  6. Thanks guys! and Ken, this class will be through Laafa. We're getting the online program launched now.

  7. This has served me very well and is good in low light. It'll produce the kind of quality you can sell and be proud of, without excuses. One other feature that appealed to me when I got it was that it still had mini DV. A good deal in the world of failing hard drives.

    The other one I'd suggest is what's built into the Canon 5D Mark ii. Stunning quality! Worth every penny.

    Regarding price... penny wise and pound foolish. Don't waste your time with inferior/cheap technology.

  8. Hi Nathan.... Lighting is Key... but depending on your budget you can buy a DSLR camera and get an amazing video camera that will shoot 1080 res video AND an amazing still camera.

    Most amateur film makers love the Canon 60D because it has all the goodies you need plus an external mic jack and a flip out view finder... this means you won't need a complex rig to stage your shot.

    HD flip is bogus in my opinion. returned mine.


  9. Anonymous1:10 AM

    If you don't mind spending silly, get one of the videocams with the built-in tiny projector. Why? You can use it like a lightbox enlarger to draw over your sketches - not that you need to.

    Anyway, Panasonic's Micro 4/3rds cameras have features that are geared for videographers. For online shows, go for Logitech webcams. However, the latest gadget to have is the small but powerful Sony RX100 - it seems its video capture trumps its bigger siblings.

  10. Dollar for dollar, the best lenses and sensors are in the Canon line, and that's important if you want to show your vids in HD. If you want one camera that can do everything: high rez stills, time lapse, fully featured video, and good audio controls, I'd recommend the Canon T3i, which you can get for a little over $500 (skip the accessory packages):

    For a compact fully featured video camera, you might consider the Canon Vixia HF line. These let you manually control white balance, exposure, and focus, all essential for an art video. Also essential is an external audio plug for getting good audio in interviews and standups. You can get a Vixia HF R20 refurbished for a little over $200:

  11. You can purchase an older model Canon t2i. Its video is both HD and you can use interchangeable lenses. The quality in dark lighting scenarios can get a bit grainy but if the scene is lit well the image is both clear really vibrant. The Canon lens will give you way more quality then the little flip cameras.

  12. muito, legal gente.