December 07, 2012

Coming Soon: Online Portrait Drawing Class!

Next week we'll officially announce my upcoming online, 9 week portrait drawing class which will begin in late January.
Keep an eye out, we'll start taking enrollments at the time of the announcement and I'd be thrilled to have you join in. So if you'd like to see and hear everything I know about portrait drawing including a live recorded demo of this drawing and numerous others, check back here or at the LAAFA website for more info.
(you'll also see that I have a 2 1/2 hr charcoal portrait demonstration currently available through LAAFA).


  1. I might want to do that course, if the price is right. I really admire your work. The lighting on this portrait is exquisite. I love that road to el dorado below. I didn't realize that artists do the backgrounds like that. I guess I assumed it was all digitized. I'm so glad that true artists are asked to paint scenes like that. It's very beautifully done!

  2. Great news!
    Looking forward to it ... I hope there's room the demand I'm sure will be high!

  3. Toria9:41 PM

    Very exciting news! :D

  4. Hey Nathan: is it structured like you schoolism class where you'll send feedback and draw or paint over in order to illustrate your ideas?

    Looking forward to it.


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  6. Hey Nathan, amazing portrait! I was wondering what type of paper and pencil you use? Are those prismacolors and Canson toned paper?

  7. I just found you via recommendation from Kevin Andrus. I look forward to hearing more about your online portrait class!

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  9. Very exciting announcement!

  10. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I would like to know how long is the each day's class on the self study course? So i can plan my day for the 90 days course. thanks