August 19, 2013

Online Portrait Drawing Course!

Study portrait drawing with me from anywhere in the world in my online class Drawing the Portrait in Charcoal. It begins January 13, 2014, enrollment is limited, sign up today! Hosted by the great people at LAAFA!

I've done my best to make this class the strongest such class on the market, it includes nine fully illustrated,  jam packed audio/video lectures, twelve video drawing demonstrations showing a wide variety of subjects, techniques and materials, and weekly homework assignments that will build on themselves to teach you a clearer, better way to work from life.

I'll work with you personally each week, you'll get a full audio/video critique of your work where I'll talk through with you what's working in your drawing and what can be improved. I'll draw over your image to give you a personalized demonstration for every assignment you turn in.

This class is designed to show you how to make drawing cease to be a source of frustration and become a pleasure, I'm looking forward to working with you.


Victoria Hutson said...

I just took this as a self-study course and I learned a lot!

If I had known you were going to offer it in January with critiques I may have waited.

I did learn a lot from watching your critiques--but it would have been great to get feedback on my own drawings.

I was amazed at how much time you took with each of the critiques.

Bakhtiar Umataliev said...

I am interested to take online course with Nathan but I am based in England which means 9 hour time difference. Would I be able to get Nathan's critique sessions? Kind regards Bakhtiar