September 03, 2013

Charcoal and Pastel on T-V Bristol


  1. Your work is incredible! I am wondering where I can find that T-V Bristol? I tried a search, and it yielded no results. I have also heard it referred to as TV Grey, but I can't seem to find it either way.

    Well, thanks for posting these, they're quite inspiring!

  2. Thanks guys.

    And Matthew, regrettably I don't think the paper is available anymore. I got a small stash a few years back at an art store's going out of business sale.

  3. Just wish to say I really enjoyed your workshop here in London.
    I had a million questions to ask but you were swarmed over by students and fans, so I retreated to pub to digest all the info you've given us:)

    Hope to see you here again soon!

  4. Oh well, at least the last of it was put to good use here :)

    Thank you for the reply sir!