September 30, 2013

Sign up for my CTN Animation Expo workshop!

This event is now sold out but I am doing a presentation/demo on the main floor Saturday afternoon at 4pm. See you there!

I hope to see you all at the CTN Animation Expo this year! My workshop is on Friday Nov. 15, 5:30pm and is now taking enrollments. Only $10, sign up while seats last!  Click this link and go to the third one down called "How to Find Artistry"

Here's a description:

Finding Artistry and Elegant Simplicity in Complex Concept Art 

As an animation artist, you'll be required to find beautiful artistry and clarity within challenging and complex subject matter. Whether it's sophisticated architecture, busy foliage or a landscape filled characters, this workshop will give you tools to meet the challenge!


Joseph said...

Done! I can't wait!

Nathan Fowkes said...

Great Joseph, see you there!

Jinny Hinkle said...

I signed up as well. Can't wait to meet you, Nathan!

Andrea Femerstrand said...

Signed up too! Looking forward to it :)

Tegan Clancy said...

I missed out but will make sure to see the dive demo! Can not wait for the weekend