December 09, 2013

Online Charcoal Drawing Class January 13

I'm very proud of my online portrait drawing course, the fully critiqued session where I work with you personally begins January 13. Signup here:

The class is also available as self study:


  1. Toria1:32 PM

    I attended this course last time it was offered last January and it was AMAZING! I highly recommend it to anyone considering it. The critique/feedback version is well worth the extra money - weekly paintovers by Nathan of your work is invaluable. Nathan reveals so much & explains it so well so it just makes sense (but is still hard to juggle it all to put it all into practice, which is where those paintover crits come in - customised mini-classes just for you!) and my portraits improved a HUGE amount over the duration.

    Thanks Nathan for such a fantastic course, I loved it and the way it changed how I see and draw.

  2. Thanks Toria, it was a real pleasure to have you in the class!

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  4. like this.. awesome ! learn much from here