February 22, 2012

Puss in Boots and the Tres Diablos!

Puss in Boots comes out on dvd/blu-ray this week. With it is a short called "The Three Diablos" that we did after completing the feature length movie. I was the color and lighting illustrator for the show, here's my colorscript (full screen when you click it). This is meant to lay out the continuity of color and lighting moods as the story progresses from start to finish. I'll post some higher res illustrations in future posts, until then, enjoy the show!


Rose said...


Nathan Fowkes said...

Thanks Rose, always appreciate hearing from you.

Hermasa said...

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Anonymous said...

how can i watch it? i have looked at almost every sight.for a 9 year old
about to turn 10 it's hard:(

Nathan Fowkes said...

Hi anonymous,

You'll have to talk your folks into buying the dvd. Make sure they get the 2 disc version that has The Three Diablos on it. Hope you enjoy it.

Rita - minijuegos said...

are very good .. the truth that you are intelligent .. I like your pictures .. I like how you give them color ... have a great style ..

Rudy said...

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estevaolucas said...

Congratulations! Your work in these movie was awesome!

Roger Adams said...

Hi Nathan, Is the color script decided before you start the illustrations for the scenes? Is it dictated by the script, like this scene takes place in the morning so you already have an idea of the color of the light?

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