March 01, 2012

Location Studies Now Available for Sale

I usually reserve sketches like these for my Landsketch blog but I've received quite a few inquiries asking if any such sketches are available for sale. It's true that I don't want to break up sketchbooks but I do have several pages of location studies on good quality illustration board like the one shown above. It hurts a little to let these go but they spend most of their time tucked in a portfolio at home so I'm pleased to offer the remaining ones for sale on my "Original Paintings for Sale" page.


Rose said...

Great variety of art pieces

Adrien Deggan said...

These studies are great. Keep one of these spreads in your portfolio for when I'm done paying off my student loans. Haha
Keep posting, love your work.

Florian Le Priol said...

I am always impressed to the power of your work, congratulation for this moment of light is captured and shared ...
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price per head said...

I wonder why I did not knew this before.... it was a good read. You are working on a very good blog.. I look forward to visit your blog again....

Young Vic said...

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Paintings for Sale

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