June 29, 2012

Head Drawing Course Begins July 9th

My head drawing class begins Monday July 9, 7-10pm. To enroll contact The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (click here for more info), (877) MY-LAAFA (695-2232).
Sure, the class will heavily cover structure and rendering (in charcoal) but in the age of instant digital photography our work needs more than just mindless rendering, so we'll also talk about giving portraits a reason to live through design.

In this lay-in example, I'm carefully finding long lines and shapes that will give the portrait strength and visual interest.

The long line that connects the background to the figure helps make the whole image cohesive and creates a repetition of the triangle shape to give a sense of meaningful relationships between the parts.


Katherine Thomas said...

This looks like such a good class. My son just moved to Bakersfield, CA, so maybe we'll be able to fly out from Ohio some day, and I'll attend a workshop while I'm there. Your portraits are wonderful!

Nathan Fowkes said...

Thanks Katherine, come out anytime.

Jose Sánchez said...

sus trabajos son maravillosos,
fantasticos. un saludo.

Arto Isotalo said...

Truly amazing skills you have. That's a perfect portrait!

Geoff Lander said...


♥AMBre said...

Very beautiful !
Something strange but so strong...
I like it a lot.
All the best to you.

steve molyneaux said...

beautiful and inspiring as always nathan.

Rose said...

Great charcoal, great features on the subject.

Keyna Davis said...

great work and inspiring...

Young Vic said...

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