August 02, 2012

Earth invades Mars on August 5th!

-Update 08-06-12: Congrats to the JPL team for nailing what looked like an impossible landing! It was incredible to watch events unfold live on the big screen. If you didn't have a chance to see it check out the replay here which includes cg recreation, and this extended version that stays inside mission control and gives a good sense of the suspense and celebration.-

I'll be down at the JPL/Planetary Society Planetfest in Pasadena this weekend for the Mars Landing, it's fun to be alive in a time when people are sending robots to other planets.

No, mars does not have rings, this is actually an illustration of an interstellar probe visiting Barnards Star, a nearby red dwarf I sketched back in '93, it's all I had handy.

And since we do the occasional science fiction reference here, the recommended read of the week is David Brin's new novel Existence. It's a tour de force of life in 2050 and uniquely solves the Fermi paradox but with the appropriate mystery, threat, thrill and horror of first contact.


  1. Hi Nathan! I forgot that you're into science fiction. Thanks for the heads up on "Existence"--I will definitely be picking one of those up. Also, thanks for your great blog. I check it out whenever I can and, as always, the art you share is stunning. I learned so much from you at AiA, and learn still more by looking at your blog. Reading about the classes you're teaching now is one of the few things that make me wish I were still in LA!

  2. Great to hear from you Ruth!

  3. Hi Nathan, I've just pre-ordered your portrait video on Laafa website... Surely it'll be a great instructional demo!!

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