August 07, 2012

Portrait Drawing Workshop on August 18!

I'm very excited to invite you out to my portrait drawing workshop on Saturday August 18, 12-8pm. To enroll contact The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, (877) MY-LAAFA (695-2232)

For this workshop I'll present a slideshow that will take you through the principles you need know to successfully draw a portrait from life, I'll do a full demonstration in charcoal then turn the time over to you to draw from a live costume model with me as your coach. The workshop will include:

• The fundamentals of constructing the head with the values of light and shadow.
• Principles for creating the illusion of space and volume on a 2 dimensional drawing surface.
• Ideas for portrait composition and creating a likeness.
• Techniques and tips on materials and the drawing process.
• Instructor demonstration from a live model.
• Student drawing time from a live model with instructor feedback.

See you there!


manjowithane said...

I was just wondering, is there a chance you will ever bring your workshops to London? I would love to attend one of them, but LA is too far away for me!

Nathan Fowkes said...

Hi Manjo,

I have a demonstration video that has just come out through LAAFA.
I'll post it shortly, in the meantime it's at

Sergio DS said...


Anonymous said...

and Paris??

Nuar Faeda said...

great, will be the most!

Sandra Heading said...

August 18 is a great day .... My b'day .... I really like the feeling your work shows .... For me the artist in me - that's a big thing that and of course the fundamentals !!!

Alex Smith said...

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