August 07, 2012

Portrait Drawing Workshop on August 18!

I'm very excited to invite you out to my portrait drawing workshop on Saturday August 18, 12-8pm. To enroll contact The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, (877) MY-LAAFA (695-2232)

For this workshop I'll present a slideshow that will take you through the principles you need know to successfully draw a portrait from life, I'll do a full demonstration in charcoal then turn the time over to you to draw from a live costume model with me as your coach. The workshop will include:

• The fundamentals of constructing the head with the values of light and shadow.
• Principles for creating the illusion of space and volume on a 2 dimensional drawing surface.
• Ideas for portrait composition and creating a likeness.
• Techniques and tips on materials and the drawing process.
• Instructor demonstration from a live model.
• Student drawing time from a live model with instructor feedback.

See you there!


  1. I was just wondering, is there a chance you will ever bring your workshops to London? I would love to attend one of them, but LA is too far away for me!

  2. Hi Manjo,

    I have a demonstration video that has just come out through LAAFA.
    I'll post it shortly, in the meantime it's at

  3. Anonymous1:53 AM

    and Paris??

  4. great, will be the most!

  5. August 18 is a great day .... My b'day .... I really like the feeling your work shows .... For me the artist in me - that's a big thing that and of course the fundamentals !!!

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