August 30, 2012

My portrait demo on sale now!

The sale price for my video demonstration is on for just a couple more days (goes back to regular price Sept 1), buy now if you're interested!

Here's the final drawing from the video.

This last image is a value analysis that I hope those of you interested in portrait drawing will find helpful: it has a noise reduction filter laid over it to remove detail and texture leaving only the value structure. It's nerve wracking to do a live demo like this one, the video crew won't come back another day if you wreck the portrait being filmed so you have to have some ideas about holding the drawing together. My idea is to carefully keep the value structure organized and grouped for a naturalistic lighting effect that is believable and clear, and that lends strength to the composition. I hope you enjoy the video.


  1. Is the video out yet?
    the wait is kind of frustrating.
    I'm so enthousisatic about it.
    Big fan of yours;

  2. Are there any subtitles to your video?

  3. Great seeing you today and congrats on the videos!

  4. Gladly, today I am new here, I hope we can know more each day ...

  5. Got it and LIKE it! Squinting away!
    Thanks ,Nathan, for a logical, high-quality video.

  6. Nathan, I just downloaded and watched your Tutorial Video. It is outstanding. The quality of your work and your explanations of the processes as worked are excellent. Your conversation as you work also made the video interesting and entertaining. As you know I've been teaching art myself for 40 years, your teaching style is excellent. As one of your very early teachers, it's just great to see one of your students carry on the sharing process and joy of doing art.