August 18, 2012

My Portrait Drawing Video is Here!

I'm excited to announce that my portrait drawing video is now available for pre-sale! Order before the end of August to get the sale price, it will come online for download the middle of September, complete info and description are here.


  1. This is fun to shop before breakfast...
    Congrat's early! Looking forward to watching this with friends. Everyone likes your painting here.

  2. Thanks David, good to here from you!

  3. Bought! I hope september comes fast. :)

  4. Katie4:47 PM

    I bought this the minute I saw it. I'm so excited for September!
    Are there any plans for a watercolor/gouache video? I would love to see your painting process in video form too!

  5. Toria5:45 PM

    Stumbled across it last week and bought it immediately. VERY excited. Thanks so much for doing this!

  6. Interisting!
    I´ll waiting for
    I just need back to my English course
    I love your work Nathan, is extremely inspiring, since backgrounds of El Dourado and the amazing concept arts from puss in boots

  7. is great, congratulations!

  8. I too love your work Nathan. I also want to second Katie's wish for a video on your watercolor/gouache techniques.

  9. Purchased. A big thanks from east-coasters like me. I also vote in favor of a watercolor/gouache video. Anything relating to color and backgrounds would be wonderful. Looking forward to watching.

  10. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Sweet! I'll get it for sure. I'd love too see a quick workshop on color theory as well :)

  11. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Nathan, thank you for making this
    video; I appreciate that a huge amount
    of work goes into making a video
    like this, but I hope it will be the first
    of many from you! It would be great to
    see watercolor/gouache, effective color
    use, and composition videos in the future.


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  13. Anonymous1:05 AM

    horray! been waiting for this!

  14. terrific video! thankyou.