May 28, 2013

Pasadena Workshop June 15!

This will be a thorough and intensive workshop for designing compelling animation and game environments. Saturday June 15, 2-7 pm. Enroll online at Concept Design Academy.

See you there!


  1. if only I was in LA!

  2. Maybe I'll travel to your town one of these days Tegan.

    See you there Max, make sure and say hi.

  3. Nathan so many artists in Australia would love it! Hopefully I can fly over for CTN again this year and thank you for the inspiration in person, plein air painting has taught me more than I could ever of guessed :)

  4. How do you generally structure your workshops? Is it mostly lecture or will there be hands-on work with feedback? Thanks!

  5. Hey Nathan, I had the pleasure to attend last weekend, felt my work improve almost overnight. Thanks a lot and hopefully I can take more of your classes :)

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Is everything you teach in these lectures included in your schoolism self taught classes?
    If not, do you have any plans to update the material on schoolism?