June 03, 2013

Sketchbook Quick Study

Watercolor with white gouache in a heavy weight oatmeal paper sketchbook. 2002


James Gurney said...

Gorgeous study, Nathan. Nice opposition of warm and cool light sources. Also love the soft wet-into-wet lay-in stages before you went to opaques.

Ben said...

This is breathtaking!

Nathan, in your portrait online class, in Week 2 you do a structural drawing from photograph and then check your work with a lay-over. This is amazing to check one's work! Could you please explain how this is done? Would I need a scanner or projector? Thank you Nathan

Nathan Fowkes said...

Thanks James!

Nathan Fowkes said...

And Ben glad you're taking the portrait class!

Yes, I scan in the drawing and bring it in as a photoshop layer over the photo reference. In the layers tool box I change the setting from normal to multiply to get a transparent line only image.

I'm shocked at how many of my students toss bad drawings and move on. I have always and without exception corrected every one of them to make sure the same mistake doesn't happen next time.

Pagas said...

Un capolavoro di luce e colore

DawnMcL said...

Lovely piece, Nathan.

What is the brand of the paper/sketchbook you use? I am looking for a sketchbook with heavy weight, oatmeal colored paper.


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